Friday, July 25, 2008

the age when one has ceased to blush
let's cry a little while

help me banish these troubling thoughts
depicting the underside of humanity

against her slender little waist
illustrating the perils of disharmony

the boys being dresses as girls
became a secondary passion

what a pretty mouthful we have here
imaginary hybrids: humans with rams heads: angels

his flabby prick's discharge
ears like a demon

the child wipes herself and the recital continues
foretelling the grotesques


angels have a menacing presence
with the other hand he separated my buttocks

ominous is in its portent of rapacity
then led him to my sister's asshole

the silent mouth deep below that mimes
he applied his mouth to it

heavy with the honey of sleep
most cynically unleashed his fuck

yr father dipping his longest finger into yr mother
lifted my skirts from behind

dots of pink and blue in a line
handsomely served and entirely surrounded

a boy with gangly legs is reading a picture book
deliciously bemused by the pimps palate
he wishes the girl to go and make her confession
transcendental hope and squalid mound

licking an insolent creature
after awhile we'll make you feel good

neither putting it in his mouth nor touching it
if we can possess that entity then we are satisfied

and socratized him again
he must cry out, "let me meet thy holy fire"

shot his pilgrim tongue into his hole
whisked caravaggio in there

his horny ass fortified by rude usage
a running greek erection warrior

bidding me guide my movements
a model of the multiple universe


the anguish of one's mother
after he had done considerable sucking

over cherry-wood smoke
whose filth is as old as the hills

promise us nothing but scorn and oblivion
and returned to his licking

being more than a metaphor
my fingers into his anus took firm hold

you are mist
only remained impassive

a young whore dumped on a simple bed
cleaned his mouth with piss

masturbators and kickers tied up
his prescription in perfect faith


i had that charming pupil in my house
the gown about his parts

mouths dispatched to have some shit
of what sex should yr victim be

grasping my tits one after the other
that would make me the happiest girl ever

my hand upon his groin
out of the umbilicus forever bombing

mauls kisses and bites him
a fuller understanding of the body

his prick between my dugs
he inundates her face with jism

her skirt raised above her waist
her torturer watches through a window

Thursday, July 24, 2008

employing very well heated tongs
to vent the fatted leech

earlier he had kissed her ass
before bleeding her

submitted to a violent fustigation
milked and repumped

discharged upon his sucker's buttocks
minute details that signal changes

many girls many married women
finally tired of this enterprise

a house devoted to nothing else
thus destroying the stability of smoke

for the thirty days of november
a man has himself whipped


little secrets naked and unveiled
she won't dare emit a peep

if she were still alive
she takes her turn mounting and flogging him

clutching me and demanding silence
preventing a prick from complaining

the initial charm gives way
seating himself between her parted legs

the eve of masculinity
having generously embuggered her

by means of a series of sequences
"god's fuck, i've an ass full of shit"

giving birth in a magical slumber
amply refreshed, sucked him for a moment or two


keep a bridle on one's tongue
damnation places the speaking subject outside of language

render shit more abundant and more delicate
you cannot attain self-expression save through wrong-doing

this business is not to be accomplished in haste
any orifice whose shape permits are made to be fucked

keeping the turd in his mouth
amid contingencies of history

meltdown between her splendid buttocks
god has been unbound

his tongue probing the densest eructation
rub the feces into wounds

indulging in ordinary riot
disguised indeces of an apparatus of body
her head did not comply with any of the conditions
the frightened thing is the denoument

the most voluptuous buttocks
victims with the devouring fury

flabby and worn from use
penetrate with ease the most painful truths

he never lets one slip through his fingers
in the devil, eyes of one thousand spectators

fondling the corpses belly
a greater depth of aesthetic cognition or recognition

speaking as if i were an animal
the devils theatres are also the center for mystics

get down on yr hands and knees
founded on absolute solitude as a first given fact


all that i ask is for love to remain with me
discharged upon her asshole

there will be a repeat performance
fucking his murdered daughter

a kind of apotheosis for the viewer
his tongue in that cunning little hole

the aim is to define their position in absurdity
thrust his prick between her thighs from behind

sexual exuberance is that which prevents us from being things
move from one anus to the next

a priest and a physician
a profusion of kisses over her ass

a nonlinguistic language whose forms are meaning
secondary to a fart in the mouth
having lasted through the night
a very stiff dick that serves as a monument

a gesture of trapping into shape
a man hires two men to fuck him

the usual pathological forms are mentioned
by gods cock and balls, wine dribbling down my chin

intricacies of screams tongues footsteps
the other always institutes the subject by alienating it

sorcerers cradling their revulsed litany
desire that managed to open these paths

a body torn from moth eaten imagery
the elimination of sex and violence

the thickest heaviest gobs admired his hole
I wish I was in a fucking church right now


esteemed relative I shall spread yr legs today
toilers in darkness pissing farting and throwing up

those eroded discourses to reliable speech
palming off jugglers

ah sweet jism, i'm coming. i'm dying.
recieve the phases of our mouths

i'm going to drive this cock into yr adams apple
they had lain me down on the wretched other

transformed unknown regions spelled out by the missing
only to rid myself of jesus christ

an irreperable break the principle of artifact
deformed heads dangling from mirrors

the very aura of sacredness a profanation
deprived of its essential reflexes

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

do you ever feel ravenous
the sound of yr voice plummets to the core of my cock

a girl afraid of being eaten by a dog
the same occurs in peasant revolts

slips into glorification of sound
who can fathom the human mind

i suck the water from the tip of her nose
join in her festivals, pity no one

a precious narcissistic wound
i'm afraid i'll cripple you with this

constantly threatened with bursting
cunts are roses

the horror of a sickening human condition
we fuck, we suck, we come.


we fuck. we suck. we come. we die.
surreptitiously mingling the theme

we die. we come. we suck. we fuck.
pluralizing the object

good heavens! i'm being ripped apart
irreconcilable body promised remission

reveal works by fragmenting them and making them disappear
separated by sex and language

we come. we die. we die. we come.
recast and desemantisized into music

not in the cunt, not in the ass, not even in the mouth
i'm making slurping noises on yr cock

fuck me horseman, horse me fuckman, horse fuck me
marriage without parental consent

Monday, June 30, 2008

If this were a book...this might be the cover

--painting by leon golub

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

minor perversions were multiplied
hyphae search for each other

the sex of the husband and wife
how to tell time by my body

scrutiny was the sexuality of children
the cannibal is only a variant

to marry or rape a criminals offspring
the series is one of disjunctions

to seduce a nun or engage in sadism
into pure red sun, and then the clouds

reveries, obsessions, pety manias
splash his cock and balls with molten tallow

begin to fragment and violate cadavers
this craftsman of information becomes the pivot of the text


a linguistic boundary between savage speech and
cruel or maniacal lovers

a man gives a girl a quart of anise to drink
a disquieting meaning that pervades our conduct

swallowing the blood and fuck as one
the bloodiest animal confessing

what is foreign is what escapes from a place
indulgence or the quantity of repression

a pregnant woman's miscarriage
the uncertain status of sodomy regarding children

the gates of this horizon are closed
a sexuality that is economically usefull

a long distance telephone call
abusively reduced to silence


reproducing labor for the family
she only makes him love her when she's unconscious

an adolescent fingering an adult
behind the electron microscope

the somber madness of sex
a preist is jerking off

assumed an autonomy of violated virgins
the adult denies whatever contradicts its dreams

this garrulous attention to unwarranted caresses
so that they are bound as girls and freed as demons

a policing of sex overcoming hesitation
i love the boredom of intestines

for our pleasure alone
the dementia of their progeny will remain wild & confused


the mother is the last to die
perversion is a fixture of the game

sudden jumps in pulse rate, variations in perspiration
the encroachment on bodies and their pleasures

her aora is made of glass
reinforced by the asses of schoolboys

going from the system of perception to motility
the sexual mosaic of surveillance systems

after the torture victim vomits
the psychiatrist and his perverts

all arts and sciences the curvature of the ultrasexual
a temporary aberration of sexoaesthetic inverts

makes love with the glass behind which is the altered body
the solitary habits of prepubescent children

Friday, June 20, 2008

you used sleeping pills which were placed on my clit
bring the body down again, to prove possession

sucking on yr nipples like a giant
the devil cannot know what we think within ourselves

the unified face will get sore
the representation of power is all the more spectacular

i'm getting quicker at cutting up the body
strangled before the body is caught in the flames

the cockshank sharp pointed in green neon
from the exorcism we must move in two directions

i won't forget having been slapped to yr pillows
also, with my throat i shall swallow ten thousand cocks

my tongue in yr ear just for a second
she yelled like a lion for me, it was a warning


the museum is being fucked from the inside
and a strip f man had meaning now

personal rivalries, a public debate, god and the devil
smelling yr asshole, body

a writing paper for history, the smooth place for inscription
lay down and beg for the cock

lay down and beg for the cock
i want to take off yr skin

i am sincere
a harmless ex-catholic boy

the birth of a history within criminal transgression
jerked of against a barbell

reality is neither the subject nor the object
yr lips on my tits, the tip of you

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

an open belly will stare out at the observer
a town in a skull, bedroom in the stomach

nausea of awe and terror
the text frightens or seduces by touching

a gun rather than an open gash
elucidation of the past

a damaged head, a torn off arm
manipulated taxonomy of roguery

the small muscles in her fingertips

perceived as transitory evil
the bark of parchment bent on effect

the human animal perverted by identity
jism upon spit-soaken buttocks


linked to perversion by taste
the ease or reluctance with which it breaks

it does not anchor the ebb
the refusal of the body to disown its own posture

a self-propelling game of its own mockery
one fragile gesture or in a thousand

the pursuit of pleasure, carnival
the body is usually learned unconsciously, effortlessly

the duality of sacredness
disembodied forms of patriotism

this unthinkable relic authorizes itself
piano keys recover a lost auditory memory

"i want some cocks." i screamed. "juliette wants some mighty pricks!"
eyebrows held in their raised position
the two realms of sentience and self-extension
locomotion of tissue, cells: splits

a call for help, an announcement
a call for help, this library abyss

a swelling sense of territory
now turn yr rainy face towards

to repel attention
to create a living person from a dead one

an arrangement of whips, chains, clubs, and rods
god and the cannibal equally elusive

private and incommunicable
an assiduous practice of births

the swelling sense of causality
long before those who speak, language is waiting


a libertine suspends
eating or moving themselves

eating or moving themselves
reduced to the crushingly blank and uniform wall

and thus do we by indirections find direction
collapsing humanly

a geography of the eliminated
the host willfully abandons

nineteenth century exoticisms, the beauty of the dead
lungs, arteries, blood, brains, the mother

splintering atoms, a violence of antennae
dark hiding places in the body

a man says he is damned, others judge it madness
the making available of simultaneity